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Make your team managers happy.

Features that make managing their teams a breeze.

Automatic Scheduler

Our intuitive, automatic scheduler makes managing your league that much easier. Simply enter your available dates, times and venues, and BenchApp takes care of the rest. Once created, each team will be automatically notified and synced across all their devices.

Even more features to save them time.

A happy team manager makes for a happy team.

Get paid faster. No more excuses.

With our simple Stripe integration, you can accept credit cards directly from your teams. Get paid on time, every time. Accept their credit card payment instantly.

We charge a small fee of 3.9% (+ 30ยข) per transaction.

Download for iPhone & Android Phones

Works across all their devices.

BenchApp has been built from the ground-up to support every device that has a web browser. From desktop, to mobile phones, and even tablets, BenchApp is always in sync.

Also available for iOS in the App Store and for Android on the Google Play Store.

BenchApp Beacons

With our advanced bluetooth beacon technology, you'll know exactly when a player has arrived. Instantly notify them with their locker room number or offer them a discount at your pro shop or sports bar! All at no cost to you to install or maintain.

Really. Simple. Pricing.

$10 per team, per month. That's it.

League PRO

Monthly Subscription, Per Team
Give your teams all the fantastic features of BenchApp PRO while making managing your league a breeze.
  • Team Standings
  • Player Stats and Leaderboards
  • Automatic Schedule Generator
  • Contact your team managers instantly
  • Manage administrators, officials and staff
  • Accept Credit Card Payments from players

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